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  • Textured Graphic Grip
  • Wooden

  • shift knob

Check out our adapter guide page and search for your car. Shifter Thread Pitch

Every shifter comes with an included BAM SHIFTS thread pitch adapter of your choosing.

With the exception of the Inked BAM SHIFTS Series, our most of our shift knobs are not recessed to accommodate a pull-up style reverse lock. For vehicles with the pull up reverse lock, you will need a Reverse Lock Adapter.

Buy one Hybrid shift knob or Grip get another Grip 50% off!

The Hybrid BAM SHIFT

Our Hybrid shift knobs are crafted in house from bamboo and aluminum, creating a truly unique and functional art piece. Easily swap out your graphic grip and customize to your own preference.


Depending on timing and order volumes already in queue, it can take up to a month to receive the best shift knob on the market.

Be assured that we do everything to get your order to you as soon as possible.

We are a small team and hand-craft the shifters. Remember : good things come to those who wait ! ;)

Lots of blood, beers, sweat, and tears!

All we can say is that they are handcrafted from bamboo and other materials, right here at our shop in Blackfoot Idaho. All the metal parts are all made by our good friend and local machinist Mr. Bill.

You should take a look at our return policy to know everything you need to know. 

Here's a short version: You have 15 days from day of delivery to return your order to us for a refund. That is if you don't like the shifter (impossible). 

If there are repairs on the shifter due to bamboo degradation, we can warranty the shift knob and repair it. We do reserve ourselves the right to deny repairs and replacements. 

Family Owned

BAM SHIFTS is a family owned small business, located in Blackfoot Idaho. Making/creating BAM SHIFTS right out of our small shop!