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Oni Demon Hybrid

  • $ 159.99
  • $ 159.99

"Oni Demon" Hybrid BAMSHIFTS!

Oni mask is a popular cultural icon with many different interpretations. The oni mask is said to have originated from the oni, or demons of Japanese mythology. Oni are said to be fierce and powerful creatures that can cause destruction and chaos. The oni mask is meant to scare away these evil spirits and protect people from their harmful influence. Another popular theory is that the Oni mask represents the dark and dangerous aspects of human nature. According to this interpretation, the Oni mask is a reminder that everyone has a dark side, and that we should be careful not to let our darker impulses take control.

The Oni Demon Hybrid uses an aluminum core and bamboo grip to complete this shift knob. Designed for those who want to keep their cars feeling fresh and functional. Standing at either 3.5"(Nano) or 5.5"(Tall Boy), and weighted at 210 grams these are sure to make your interior stand out and give you a new feeling of shifting through the gears!

Each Bam Shift is handcrafted right here in our shop to make you happy while shifting through the gears. We guarantee the products we make, if you're not happy or something happens we will replace it. 

Want additional grips?

Bamboo may differ slightly from bamboo pictured since its a natural product and handcrafted. 

Currently BAM SHIFTS are made to order and take time to be crafted, please allow up to a month for production depending on order volume at the time.