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Leather Grip Option

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Get a custom hand-stitched Leather BAM SHIFTS shift knob for your shifting pleasure.  Give your vehicle a unique touch with the best hand made custom bamboo shift knobs & handles in the world.  Our bamboo is all grown in the USA and cut special for Bam Shifts. We receive all the bamboo green, we then take it through a process of drying to harden it for an extremely strong Bam Shift shift knob. For our inserts, we don't use nylon inserts, we use solid steel inserts with a solid brass adapter for a very strong and tight fit.  Our BAM SHIFTS weigh around 10-13oz, so they have a very good throw while going through the gears.


After you make your order please contact us with all your Bam Shifts info. Remember, this is a completely custom piece created to fit your vehicle so please be specific.


We have a few different options and finishes to choose from, please be specific when describing what you want at checkout.

1. Length of the bamboo

2. Length of the leather grip 

3. Leather color, we can get most colors so just let us know.

4. Stitching color

5. For an additional fee select "YES" and we can engrave a graphic or text into the leather. 

Please note, once a custom order has been started I cannot cancel or refund the sale.

Custom orders may take a month or more depending on graphics and how backed up I am in the shop.