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Choose between an Inked Hybrid or Engraved Hybrid option depending on your graphic. Once the order is placed we will email you with any questions we have regarding details on the order if needed. For best results, image/graphic for Tall Boys should be large and squared if possible. Nano graphics should be wider than taller to fit the Nano option.  Engraved graphics come as a black image on the bamboo grip. Inked will come as a full color option.

Hybrid Cost Breakdown: 

  1. Core - $84.99
  2. Magnetic Cap - $14.99
  3. Custom Inked Hybrid Grip - $99.99
  4. Custom Engraved One Color Hybrid Grip - $114.99
Email us any questions at

Hybrids use an aluminum core and bamboo grip to complete this shift knob. Designed for those who want to keep their cars feeling fresh and functional. Standing at either 3.5"(Nano) or 5.5"(Tall Boy), and weighted at 210 grams these are sure to make your interior stand out and give you a new feeling of shifting through the gears!

Each Bam Shift is handcrafted to make you happy while shifting through the gears. We guarantee the products we make, if you're not happy or something happens we will replace it. 

  • Currently BAM SHIFTS are made to order and take time to be crafted, please allow up to a month for production depending on order volume at the time.